Initiatives & Special Projects

There are not currently any applications open for special projects. Current and past projects include the following:

District-Based School Transitions Initiative

The purpose of the Buell Foundation’s District-Based School Transitions Initiative is to support school districts and/or charter schools in effectively bridging the gap that often exists between preschool and kindergarten while maximizing the work already happening in both local and state government impacting school readiness. Planning grants were awarded to five districts in 2014.  Through a facilitated process, all districts completed an analysis of current practices and gaps, developed goals, and created a plan for action.  In 2015, three of the original five districts were awarded implementation grants.  Over the course of two years, these districts will work to first implement the strategies identified in their action plans and then to institutionalize change in an effort to encourage sustainability of efforts.

Rural Colorado Playground Project

Playgrounds provide an environment that supports the gross motor development of young children and also encourages play, curiosity, community, and the ability to navigate social dynamics. The rural parts of the state experience a lack of resources more profoundly than urban communities.  In response to this need, in 2015 the Buell Foundation provided $876,628 to 27 organizations in rural Colorado to improve outdoor play spaces for children.