Below are frequently asked questions.  If you have additional questions, please call or email one of our Program Officers. If you have specific questions about Early Childhood Councils, click here.

When are applications due?

Deadlines are January 15 and the first business day of May and September. If January 15 falls on a weekend or the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, proposals must be in our office by 5:00 p.m. the following business day. One electronic copy of the application must be received by 5:00 p.m. on the deadline date; for paper submissions, one hard copy of the application must be in our office by 5:00 p.m. on the deadline date. We do not accept applications via fax. Please visit our Deadlines page for specific deadline dates for upcoming grant cycles.

Can I submit an application electronically?

Yes, the Buell Foundation will accept either a virtual or hardcopy of the application.

Emailed applications will be accepted. Emailed applications can be sent to Bill Inama, Grants Manager, at binama@buellfoundation.org, with the subject “May 2022 Buell Foundation Application”. Further guidance on how to submit your application by email can be found here

Guidance on how to submit your application by email can be found here.

How many copies of the application should I send?

Send only one copy.

Which application form should I use for the capital campaign?

Generally, we prefer that the regular Common Grant Application form is used because it provides more information about the programming that will be offered.  There are cases, however, when the Common Grant Application for Capital is more appropriate.  Please call one of our Program Officers before you apply.

What if my organizations doesn’t receive an audit?

If you do not have audited financial statements, please include your most recent year-end financial statements as well as your current financial statements.

Is my child care center required to have a license?


What if I can’t fit all of my information in the page limit?

We understand that it can be difficult to work within the page limits; however, we ask that you do your best to submit a succinct application. Please remember that there is an optional attachment available for your use should you need to include additional information (e.g. a program summary or brochure), and maximize your use of the cover letter.

My program is housed within a school district, what financial information do you need?

Please submit a summary of the school district’s budget (not more than two or three pages) and the financial information pertinent to your specific program.

I work within a government department, what do I send in place of an IRS determination letter?

Please include a letter from the department stating that your program is a program of the department and that the department holds accountability for your program.

What types of organizations do you fund?

We fund all types of tax-exempt organizations, including nonprofits, school districts, government entities, and faith-based organizations.

What is an appropriate amount of funding to request?

Appropriate amounts will vary depending on the program or project. Please call one of our Program Officers to discuss your request.

Can I apply for funding before my full grant has been spent from the previous year?

Yes. You are eligible to apply once every 12 months, which is generally four months before a grant contract ends.  Please note that an interim report on activities to date is required with your application.

What information should be included with an interim report?

Please complete the full Common Grant Report (with financial attachments) that describes activities to date.

What if we decide to change course part way through the year, can we use funding for a different project?

Contact your Program Officer to discuss your situation.

Do you require reports?

Yes. A final report (Colorado Common Grant Report) is required for every grant awarded and is due one month after the end of the grant period.  If you choose to apply before all funds are expended, an interim report is required on activities to date.

Can I send one set of financials for both the application and report since they are the same?

No.  Please include full sets of financials for both the application and report.  Sometimes these documents are reviewed by different parties, and the full packet of information is needed.

What if I don’t have one of the attachments?

Please include a sheet that notes that the attachment(s) is not included.  Without these notes, we will think that the application is incomplete.

Can I apply for more than one project?

Not generally.  Under special circumstances we may allow more than one grant to an organization, but it is not our normal practice.  Please call one of our Program Officers to discuss your unique situation.

Does the Buell Foundation provide multi-year funding?

Grants are typically for one year only. Long-term grantees may be considered to apply for two-year grants by invitation only. Please contact your Program Officer if you have any questions.