Our Financials

Statement of Assets, Liabilities, and Net AssetsĀ  (Income Tax Basis)

June 30, 2022

Cash and temporary cash investments$2,875,384
Investments, at market value
Real estate$93,000,001
Managed investments$281,373,367
Total investments$374,373,368
Prepaid expenses and other assets$15,993
Building, office furniture and equipment, net$157,692
Total Assets$377,422,437
Security deposits and other liabilities$5,349
Total Liabilities$5,349
Net Assets$377,417,082
Total Liabilities & Net Assets$377,422,437

Statement of Revenue, Expenses and Changes in Net Assets (Income Tax Basis)

Year Ended June 30, 2022

Rental Income$3,469,620
Partnership Income$1,980,555
Interest & Dividends$3,261,795
Realized gain (losses) on equity investments$18,463,786
Other income/expenses, net$-1,871,551
Total Revenue$25,304,207
Grants paid$19,355,007
Operating and administrative expenses$2,856,443
Excise & income taxes$744,017
Total Expenses$22,955,467
Excess of Revenue over Expenses$2,348,740
Net assets at June 30, 2021$451,054,091
Direct entries to net assets$-75,986,553
Net assets at June 30, 2021$377,417,088