Buell Early Childhood Leaders Network

The Buell Early Childhood Leaders Network (BECLN) is a coordinated Alumni Network that acts as a vehicle to sustain, enhance and amplify the remarkable success of the Buell Early Childhood Leadership Program. It does so by supporting the continued professional growth of the individual alumni and by promoting their personal impacts and contributions.

becln-logoBECLN has evolved every year to better meet the needs of the alumni and to better support the network as a whole. Momentum is now building to specifically support individual members and the greater network as “agents for change” in the early childhood system in Colorado. BECLN has three distinct layers of work deemed necessary to achieve success:

  • Leaders – In order to continue to support the Buell Leaders individually in their leadership journeys, BECLN creates space for information sharing, collaboration and trust among cross-cohort groups.
  • Network – BECLN intentionally works to be perceived and received as a valuable network of leaders with specialized knowledge and competencies within the early childhood community and the community at large.
  • Impact – Groups (large and small) of Buell Leaders influence the innovation, policy-setting and decision-making relevant to the early childhood community, including collaborating in formal inquiry and generation of new knowledge relevant to the field.

BECLN members join together to generate new knowledge, influence the status quo, and align and leverage their collective voices and actions to create equity, opportunity and educational excellence for all young children and families.