The Buell Process


We encourage you to call the Program Officer for your region before you apply. Through this call, you can determine whether your project is a good fit for the Foundation, determine an appropriate request amount, and get all of your questions answered.


Apply to the Foundation using the Colorado Common Grant Application Form. If this is your first time applying, be sure to read through the accompanying User’s Guide.

One copy of the application must be in our office by 5:00 pm on the deadline for applications. Note: applications must be received by the deadline, not postmarked. We prefer to receive applications by hard copy, however we will accept emailed applications up until the 5pm deadline. To email an application, please send to our Grants Manager, Bill Inama at, with the subject “September 2021 Buell Foundation Application”. We do not accept applications via fax.

You will receive a confirmation email within one week of submitting your grant. Please contact Bill Inama at if you do not receive this confirmation.

Proposal Review & Site Visit

Your proposal will be assigned to one of the Foundation’s Program Officers for review. This review will include a thorough analysis of your organization’s programs and financial statements, a site visit, and a report to the Board of Trustees.

Visiting applicants is a priority for the Foundation. You can expect to spend time with your assigned Program Officer in-person, at your organization (or by phone if a personal visit is not possible). These visits typically last between one and two hours. It is during this time that the Program Officer will get to know your organization better and ask any questions from their review of your proposal and financials.

Setting a Quality Goal

Either at your site visit or after your visit, you will work with your Program Officer to develop a quality goal. We work with all partners to promote a culture of continuous quality improvement. We will talk with you about best practices related to your program and help you determine a challenging, attainable goal for the coming year. We will check in with you throughout the year to hear about your progress and offer support.

Board Decision

Approximately four months after your proposal submission, the Board of Trustees will be provided with a report prepared by the Program Officers about each applicant. It is at the Board of Trustees meeting that they decide whether or not your proposal will be funded and at what amount.

Award Notification & Payment

If your proposal is funded, you will receive a contract by mail. This contract will describe how much funding you will receive, the program that is to be funded, and any conditions that may be placed on the funds (e.g. a mid-year report requirement to release a second payment). We ask that signed contracts be returned to the Foundation within two weeks.

If your proposal is not funded, you will receive a declination letter. Please feel free to call your Program Officer with any questions that you may have.

After your contract is received, the Foundation will process your payment. Our goal is to pay grants within three weeks of receipt of contract.


We require a final report one month after the grant period ends and use the Colorado Common Grant Report Form.

If you plan to apply for another grant before the end of the current grant period (you may apply at the same grant deadline every year), we require that you submit an interim report on activities to date. We use the same format for this report and ask that you include this interim report with your application packet, if possible.

Ongoing Check-Ins

We view the funding relationship as a partnership between ourselves and our grantee organizations. As such, we seek ongoing communication about the project or any other important changes that take place. Your Program Officer will also check in with you part way through the year about the quality goal that you identified during the review process.

Remember that we are available throughout the year. Call or email us with any questions, updates, or needs.