The Buell Foundation in partnership with University of Colorado Denver and Clayton Early Learning is pleased to announce the 13th Cohort of Fellows. We have invited another set of diverse early childhood leaders to join the Buell Early Childhood Leadership Program to begin in May 2020. This impressive group of leaders are serving in a variety of professional roles across early learning, health, and wellness. This year we are delighted to have additional funds to enroll twenty-two candidates who have committed to join the 2020-2021 program year. We are grateful to the alumni and community partners who encouraged and supported all of the candidates to apply this year and to the alumni who served on the selection team. The commitment and passion that many have for leading change especially during this critical time within their communities and across the state of Colorado is inspiring to us. It is an honor to have the opportunity to teach and learn with this group of early childhood leaders this year!

See the list of the 13th cohort here.